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Примеры заданий

Струкрура экзамена ACT


Экзамен ACT состоит из четырех обязательных частей (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science) и факультативной секции написания сочинения (Writing)


Все задания имеют пять вариантов ответов, (А) - (Е). Правильный ответы необходимо отметить в специальной экзаменационной форме. 

На экзамене нельзя пользоваться учебниками, словарями или линейками. Калькуляторами разрешенных моделей разрешается пользоваться только при выполнении заданий математической секции.




ENGLISH (английский язык)

75 вопрос

45 минут


Средний балл - 20,6

Примеры заданий секции English (фрагмент)


Notes from Underground


A lot of people hate to ride the New York City subways, but I love them because ❶ I like to get places fast. A musician balancing a cello case, two Buddhist monks in saffron robes, and a group of stockbrokers in crisp, ❷ charcoal gray suits get on at Wall Street. A passenger placidly sews while the subway train flings and jolts. A teenager ❸ whose holding a shoebox containing a kitten as tiny as a gingersnap smiles ❹ even if a line of girls in frilly white communion dresses file by. About three and a half million people aday ride the ❺ subways I think maybe ❻ I might possibly have met them all. 



1. At this point, the writer wants to provide one reason why she likes to ride the subways. Which choice is most relevant to the information provided in this first paragraph?

B. I never know what I'l see there.
C. they are so much cheaper than taxis

D. they are places of enorous quiet and calm.


G. charcoal gray suits,
H. charcoal, gray suits

J. charcoal gray, suits


B. thats
C. as

D. who's


G. as
H. whereas

J. such that


B. subways, and
C. subways, which

D. subways actually


G. perhaps I've
H. I've possibly

J. I've




MATH (математика)

60 вопросов

60 минут


Средний балл - 21,0

Примеры заданий секции Math (фрагмент)


1. To keep up with rising expenses, a motel manager needs to raise the $40.00 room rate by 22%. What will be the new rate?


A. $40.22
B. $42.20

C. $48.00

D. $48.80

E. $62.00



2. In a bag of 24 ballons, there is an equal nnumber of ballons of each color. WAs a salesperson, your commission is diretly proportional to the dollar amount of sales you make. .If your sales are $800, your comission is $112. How much comission would you earn if you had $1,400 in sales?


F. $210
G. $196

H. $175

J. $128

K. $64



3. If 7 + 3x = 32, then 2x = ?


A. 5
B. 10

C. 12

D. 14

E. 58/3



4. Carmen is playig with blocks. She arranges stacks of blocks so that each successive level of blocks has 1 few bock than the level below it and th etop level has 1 block. Such a stack with 3 levels is shown below. Carmen wants to make such a stack with 12 levels. How many blocks wuld she use to build this stack?












F. 66
G. 78

H. 132

J. 144

K. 156



READING (чтение)

40 вопросов

35 минут


Средний балл - 20,9

Примеры заданий секции Reading (фрагмент)


My grandfather has made crutches for me. These are sturdy crutches, just the right size. I am delighted with them and launch myself around the house on them. 


And I take a fall immediately. And continue falling several times a day, great splatting, knocking-into-furniture-and- breaking-things falls that cause everyone in the family to come running. My grandfather has forgotten to put rubber tips on the ends of my crutches. When we figure this out and buy the rubber tips and put them on the crutches, I stop falling. But by then the bone-set that was coming long nicely has slipped, and the doctor has ordered me back to the wheelchair.


The missing crutch-tips are the first clue I have to this peculiar family trait, one that for lack of any better term I must call "flawed competence." We Bryants are a family of able and clever people, industrious, intelligent, determined, and of good will. We are careful in our work. After all, my grandfather measured me on two occasions before he made the crutches. But we usually do something wrong. 


Four years later I become increasingly aware of "flawed competence" when I develop a plan for converting our old grown-over tennis court into a basketball court. My grandfather is always interested in plans, and in this planning session, we decide that he will make the hoops, and he will help me make the backboards. Clearing the ground and smoothing the surface will be my tasks. So I rip out honeysuckle and hatchet down a few little scrub cedars. We Bryants are known for setting our minds to things. 


1. The passage is written from the point of view of:

A.  an unidentified narrator observing the relationship over time between a boy and his grandfather. 

B. two members of the same family discovering their shared trait through joint activities.

C. a grown man agonizing over the mixed messages he received as a child from older relatives.

D. a boy and the man he becomes considering incidents that illustrate a family trait. 


2. Which of the following best describes the author's approach to presenting the story of the narrator's discovery about himself?

F. Revealing the narrator's self-awareness about a trait through a blend of personal reflection and scenes from the narrator's youth and adulthood

G. Starting immediately with a statement of the discovery in the narrator's voice and continuing with scenes that reveal how the discovery came about

H. Describing the physical details of scenes and summarizing their significance in a concluding statement in the narrator's voice

J. Using dialogue in the midst of scenes fraught with tension to indicate what the narrator is experiencing internally


3. Each of the three projects described in the passage reveals:

A. the increasing antagonism between the grandfather and grandson.

B. the errors the narrator makes and disapproval they bring from others.

C. that such incidents set the state for the Bryant family traits to emerge.

D. that the narrator is determined to avoid being ungrateful, hateful, or overly fastidious. 


4. The boy's approach to the task of converting the tennis court to  a basketball court can best be described as:

F. reluctant until his grandfather's plans inspire him.

G. enthusiastic until his grandfather's error puts them both in an awkward position.

H. apprehensive until he discovers his error is not a devastating one.

J. thrilled until he remembers that his grandfather is a poor planner. 





SCIENCE (научные тексты)

60 вопросов

35 минут


Средний балл - 21,0

Примеры заданий секции Science (фрагмент)


Metamorphic rocks form when temperature and/or pressure cause changes in preexisting rock. Figure 1 shows the temperature and pressure conditions in which certain facies (categories of metamorphic rocks) are formed. 




















A rock's metamorphic grade (a measure of the intensity of metamorphism) is classified on a scale of low (very similar to  the original rock) to high (very different from the original rock). Table 1 lists the gradesof Facies A - G from Figure 1. Figure 2 shows characteristic minerals that may be present in rocks of a given grade. 




































1. According to Figure 2, which of the following minerals would most typically be found only in rocks of a medium grade?


A. Muscovite

B. Biotite

C. Kyanite

D. Plagioclase



2. Figure 1 indicates that as depth increases, preassure:


F. decreases only

G. remains the same

C. increases only

D. increases, then decreases



3. According to Figure 2, the presenceof which of the following minerals in a metamorphic rock would be least helpful in determining that rock's grade?


A. Chloride
B.  Muscovite

C. Staurolite

D. Plagiosclase



4. Herfels is metamorphic rock formed when magma (molten rock) heats sedimentary rocks on Earth's surface. According to Figure 1, hornfels is most likely a member of which of the following facies?


A. Facies A

B. Facies C

C. Facies E

D. Facies G





ACT Essay

WRITING (написание сочинения)

1 сочинение

30 минут


Вопросы и ответы об ACT


Возможны изменения в порядке проведения экзамена, вызванные COVID-19. Информация об изменениях постоянно обновляется на официальном сайте ACT.

Кому нужен ACT?


Результаты ACT необходимо предоставить при подаче документов в приемные комиссии колледжей и университетов США и Канады при поступлении на обучение по программе бакалавриата. Вузы других стран, в которых обучение ведется на английском языке, также могут требовать результаты ACT.



Какую роль играют результаты ACT при поступлении в американские колледжи и университеты?


Решение о зачислении абитуриента в вуз принимается на основе результатов стандартизированных экзаменов (ACT или SAT), оценок в аттестате, мотивационного эссе, внеакадемических достижениях (волонтерская работа, участие в социально значимых проектах) и рекомендательных писем. Однако среди всех критериев отбора именно результаты экзамена ACT (или его аналога SAT) играют определяющее значение. Другими словами, высокий балл ACT – это не гарантия поступления, но необходимое условие.

Ваши следующие шаги


Задания ACT и перспектива подготовки к тестированию могут испугать. Но вы не одни – мы готовы вам помочь. Наши преподаватели имеют большой опыт индивидуальной подготовки учеников к ACT и другим экзаменам, а свидетельством нашего профессионализма являются благодарные отзывы наших бывших студентов.

Запишитесь на пробное занятие и узнайте, позволяет ли ваш уровень владения английским языком начать эффективную подготовку к ACT. Вы также сможете обсудить стратегию и программу подготовки, периодичность занятий и расписание и другие вопросы. Пробное занятие проводится бесплатно и только по предварительной записи. 

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